Sunday, February 11, 2007

My post will be infrequent as I do not have frequent access to a computer, though I hope that I frequently provide insightful post infrequently. The city I call home is Pacoima, CA often disparaged in movies and conversation but not often lived in by those who speak of it. I have not had the pleasure of any formal education past my high school education, though I have had the pleasure of seeking truth. In the “Life of the Mind”, James V. Schall says the following,

“Ordinary people can engage in actions that express virtue; they can know what is. The revelational side of this same principle is simply that everyone, king or pauper, can –with grace-save his own soul. If we combine these two principles, we have the essence of what it is to be free, free both to know what the world is like and to know our own destiny.”(See “The Life of the Mind” pg.42 ISI books).

Speaking on issues of poverty, political and economic theory, are not sole issues that concern local politicians, and entrepreneurs, the life of mind is also one of faith that engages the full spectrum of reality. The reason to seek and the hope of salvation and wisdom is briefly summed up by the following, G. K Chesterton from “Orthodoxy” and Jacques-Benigne Bossuet from “Great French Sermons – The Exaltation of the Cross”

“Seeking for the opinion of the obscure rather than taking the obvious course of accepting the opinion of the prominent.”

“The simplicity of twelve poor fishermen, unaided by patronage or eloquence or art changed the face of the universe”

Often in my line of work I am asked by patient’s at the pick up window at the pharmacy, “You ask me the same questions, every time I pick up my medicine!" In our expedient society that seeks efficacy at in instant, filled with scientific assurance and a closed dialectic; often the answers we receive are insufficient to address our selves in the fullest sense. It is a noble and full life we live when we dare reorient our selves to Jesus our true horizon.